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Chthonic Force
Delirium Tremens: The Best Of Chthonic Force
Chthonic Force

14-song "best of" compilation

Format: CD Digipack
Released: 2007 / 2020
Total running time: 45:30

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Artist's website: VadgeMoore.com
  1. Stele Of The Vultures
  2. White Logic
  3. Helios
  4. Mouth Pigs
    (Featuring Peter Sotos)
  5. King Of The World
  6. Disable
  7. Assume The Position
    (Featuring Boyd Rice)
  8. Agathodaemon
  9. Solitary
  10. Primate God
    (Featuring Thomas Thorn)
  11. Nihil
  12. Chthonia
  13. Thirteen
    (Featuring Monte Cazazza)
  14. Catastrophism

All songs written and performed by Vadge Moore and Wendy Van Dusen (BMI), except for spoken word appearances which were written and performed by guest artists as noted above.


Chthonic Force is the joint project of Vadge Moore (ex-Dwarves / Phoenix Thunderstone) and Wendy Van Dusen (Neither/Neither World). Venturing deep into the realms of Industrial, Power Electronics, Experimental, Noise, and Ambient, their work has traversed not only the boundaries of musical genre, but conventional morality as well. Lyrically, Chthonic Force's work plumbs the depths of the iniquitous and sinister; lyrical themes have included the extolling of mass murder, sadism, nihilism, misanthropy, and Bacchanalian debauchery in general.

Since the band's inception in 1999, Chthonic Force has released two full-length albums (1999's Chthonic Force and 2003's Agathodaemon), a split single (Mouth Pigs), and appeared on several compilations. Their collaborations have included work with luminaries such as Boyd Rice (NON), Peter Sotos (Whitehouse), Monte Cazazza (TG / Industrial Records), Cole Palme (Faktrix) and Thomas Thorn (Electric Hellfire Club).

Delirium Tremens: The Best of Chthonic Force, includes the choicest cuts from Chthonic Force's albums, singles, collaborations, and compilations. Originally released in 2007 as a limited edition of 100 signed-and-numbered CDRs, this 2020 reissue is presented as a non-limited Digipack CD.

Produced and designed by Brian M. Clark. Digitally remastered by Bob Ferbrache at Absinthe Studio.


    "Delirium Tremens: The Best of Chthonic Force is a very unusual musical experience. ... Musically it is an adventurous production transcending a range of traditional genres and mixing ambient, metal, electronic, and industrial as well as what could be interpreted as noise and textured sound effects. In regards to content it really pushes the boundaries, this is a collection of tracks which have been carefully and deliberately compiled to go beyond the confines of bourgeois morality and examine thoughts which would normally be considered contraband. Satanism, amorality, sadism, mass murder, might-is-right and misanthropy are all part of the package. This is not petty diabolism or simple rebellion, these are well considered contraventions of traditional values and will force any listener to consider the hypocrisy of modern standards of behavior and so called ethics. ... This is a dark and confronting album with both a superbly edgy musical style and content which makes it stand out from the crowd."
        - Synergy Magazine, Australia

    "Brooding and malevolent ... Chthonic Force tap into a dark nihilistic mysticism heralding the undergrowth, the base and primordial. ... Noise, industrial and ambient combine as a backdrop to subjects which are dark, savage and primal giving prominence to man's darker nature. Unarguably, Chthonic Force were of a time when countless groups were setting texts to music and 'apocalypse culture' was in the air but Chthonic Force offered a different slant."
        - Compulsion Online, Scotland

    "Chthonic Force's aural enterprise is ... a phantasma of delight for the noise ambient aficionados seeking a break, with orated nihilism coupled into bleak buttresses of organically hacked-apart electronics."
        - Heathen Harvest, USA

    "[Chthonic Force's] songs are characterized by dark atmospheres mixing Industrial, Ambient and Experimental music together with on top narrative vocals. The lyrics have something controversial, somewhat shocking and yet also philosophical. ... The tracks have something disturbing, but still revealing a critical perception about different topics. Sound-wise there's a great fusion between different noises sources and electronic manipulations."
        - Side-Line Magazine, Belgium

    "More psychodrama than strictly musical experience ... This isn't a pleasant album by any means. Then again, Chthonic Force's aim is to make you think and feel in the real, not be submerged in the fantastic. ... Still, there is a relevancy here that cannot be denied."
        - Chain D.L.K., USA

    "To try to pinhole the sound Chthonic Force create would be an injustice ... brutal yet accessible may be one way; twee it certainly is not!"
        - Flux Europa, England

    "[Delirium Tremens] reeks of old oil, burning candles, sweat; blood and dirty water; and sounds like an industrial black mass conducted in a sunken WWII bunker... Simply put – It sounds quite unlike anything I have ever heard before."
        - The Aither, Australia