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Little Fyodor
The Very Best Of Little Fyodor's Greatest Hits!
The Very Best Of Little Fyodor's Greatest Hits!

25-song "best of" compilation

Format: CD
Released: 2005
Total running time: 58:12

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Artist's website: LittleFyodor.com
  1. You Give Me Hard-On
  2. I Want An Ugly Girl
  3. Everybody's Fucking
  4. Too Many People
  5. Happy People
  6. The Blackness
  7. Watching The Squirrels
  8. Small Talk
  9. I Go To Parties
  10. I Thought People Liked Fools
  11. No Relief In Sight
  12. Doomed
  13. This Diamond Ring*
  14. I Don't Know What To Do
  15. Everybody's Fucking (reprise)
  16. Nobody Wants To Play With Me
  17. I Wanna Be The Buddha
  18. Like An Earthquake
  19. Tried
  20. Fuck It
  21. Opinions*
  22. Big Shit*
  23. Everybody's Fucking (second reprise)*
  24. Egg On My Face*
  25. The Blackness (reprise)

* = CD-only tracks


Little Fyodor has been spreading his unique brand of avant-pop madness throughout the world musical underground for more than 30 years, creating twisted, satirical songs which—beneath a crass and maniacal outer shell—express a deep empathy with those who most acutely experience the frustrations and alienation of modern life's "insect existence." Fyodor's songwriting, sartorial aesthetics, and outlandish performances somehow manage to be simultaneously sad, angry, and hilarious; and in doing so, appeal to the silent majority of disillusioned weirdos of the world, whom he adeptly addresses with a theatrical, daresay Vaudevillian flair, that is a brand all his own.

In the many years he's been pursuing his uncompromisingly eccentric artistic vision, Little Fyodor has released countless cassettes, several vinyl LPs and singles, a VHS video, and a handful of CDs; the finest moments from all of which have been distilled down into this one, definitive release presented by Discriminate Audio. This "best of" disc spans not only Little Fyodor's career, but also the full spectrum of instrumentational possibility, featuring tracks which utilize everything from the traditional "rock" ensemble, to saxophones, synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, toy instruments, and beyond.

All songs written and performed by Little Fyodor and published by MacLeningrad Music except for "This Diamond Ring" written by Al Kooper, Bob Brass, and Irwin Levine. Instrumentation and credits available in the CD liner notes.

Produced by Brian M. Clark and Boyd Rice. All tracks digitally remastered by Bob Ferbrache at Absinthe Studio. Design and layout by Kevin I. Slaughter.


    "Little Fyodor and Babushka Are Experimental-Music Legends. ... Fyodor has firmly established himself as not just one of the strangest and most interesting performers anywhere, but also as a pop songwriter par excellence. ... [and] has come to perfectly embody the spirit of punk, with an irreverent sense of humor, dark songs about personal turmoil and frenetic energy to burn."
          - Westword

    "Weirdly earnest coal-black satire. ... The lyrics are funny and severe, the voice psychotic, the personality overwhelming and the music smartly succinct."
          - The Denver Post

    "The rock and roll equivalent of seeing a chicken with its head cut off. Schizophrenia for your enjoyment. Frank Zappa if he had never gotten laid. Brilliant."
         - CityGigs.com

    "An impressively tight ensemble playing wild, fun and creatively structured songs. If forced to make an analogy I'd say I hear elements of Devo and Weird Al, though Little Fyodor is much zanier than those folks and his music is much more interesting, with prog rock and miscellaneous avant-garde influences."
         - Aural-Innovations.com

    "Spazz Music of Macho Irony I suppose you could call it ... and the lyrics to his songs are positively among the most simultaneously gut-wrenchingly FUNNY and HORRIFIC that I have heard outside of Elvis Costello back in the day."
         - The Rev. Ivan Stang, Church of the Subgenius

    "Every DJ should love this ... filled with short, lively, fun songs, reminiscent of mid-career Iggy Pop. Nasal, growling vocals criticize (accurately enough to make you laugh) and make tongue-in-cheek demands on the listener in the best punk tradition."
         - Beef Magazine

    "Eccentric garage punk with very clever lyrics – sort of like early DEVO meets midwest Gulcher bands, with Doc Dart meets Allen Ginsburg on vocals."
         - Maximum Rock N' Roll

    "Beyond-goof warpage that's sorta' a split between the Residents and Half Jap."
         - Forced Exposure