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Ralph Gean Multicolored Jam / Sea of Heartbreak

Photo: © Brian M. Clark

FORMAT: Digital Single
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Ralph Gean

1. Multicolored Jam
    (Written by Ralph Gean. Published by Fonky Donk Music.)
2. Sea of Heartbreak
    (Written by Paul Hampton and Hal David. Published by Shapiro Bernstein & Co., Inc.)

Vocals by Ralph Gean, music by Brian M. Clark. Recorded by Brian M. Clark at Unpop Studio in Denver, Colorado, 2018. Mixed and mastered by Howard Karp in Los Angeles, California, 2019. Graphic design by Whale Song Partridge. Produced by Brian M. Clark and Howard Karp.

Ralph Gean has been writing, performing and recording his own unique variety of off-beat Rock, Rockabilly and Country songs since the late 1950s. As an early '60s contemporary of first-wave Rock n’ Roll acts like Roy Orbison and Glenn Campbell, Gean achieved a measure of regional success in Texas, cutting several 45s and receiving vigorous support from local radio. In the mid-'90s Gean was “discovered” by noted countercultural figures such as Boyd Rice (NON), Eric Allen (Apples In Stereo) and Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys), all of whom would become involved in his career in one way or another; this lead to a comeback for Gean in the late 1990s and early 2000s. This recording was made when Ralph was well into his 70s.

Artist's Website: www.RalphGean.com.