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The Unpop Sound
Candy Anne / Three-Eyed Gemini
Candy Anne / Three-Eyed Gemini

2-song single

Format: 7" vinyl (lime green)
Released: 2010
Total running time: 06:25

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  1. Candy Anne
  2. (What A Delight!)

  3. Three-Eyed Gemini
  4. (Out Of Sight!)

Written and performed by The Unpop Sound. Track 1 recorded at Cosmic Egg Studio. Track 2 recorded at Cosmic Egg and Electric Egg Chair Studio (Mr. Jones, Proprietor). Mastered by Bob Febrache at Absinthe Studio.


This is a two-song homage to the timeless pre-pop innocence of Anne Frank, from members of The Partridge Family Temple performing as The Unpop Sound. The A-side of this single features the groovy electro-pop number "Candy Anne (What A Delight!)" – a thoroughly modern and of-the-moment upbeat electro-pop hit. Side B follows with the track "Three Eyed Gemini" – a psychedelic mind-bender (which ends in an endlessly repeating hypnotic locked/looped groove). Candy Anne / Three Eyed Gemini is pressed on lime green vinyl and limited to an edition of 500 copies.

Produced by Shaun Partridge and 7-Up Partridge. Layout and design by Joel Ryan Brandon.


    "Upbeat electro-pop and weird psychedelia about Anne Frank... it ends in a locked loop too, which is awesome."
         - Vice Magazine

    "Dreamy and droned-out electro-pop/psych songs about Anne Frank from The Unpop Sound (members of The Partridge Family Temple) on lime-green vinyl. A bubblegum-bizarro six minutes and 25 seconds."
         - Flavorwire

    "Weird, psychedelic pop and rock that's difficult to slap specific terms upon to give you an idea what you're in for; but I thought both of these songs were interesting with cool keyboard sounds. Like subversive songwriting by seeming pretty straightforward."
         - Queen City Sounds and Art

    "The Unpop Sound... 'Candy Anne' is a little bizarre electro-pop singalong with catchy little synth melodies, whimsical whispered lyrics about Anne Frank and a bubbling drum machine backdrop... 'Three-Eyed Gemini' [has] a loose shredding guitar solo, organ, some tablas and an insanely hypnotic locked groove... A full on acid trip that is limited to 500 copies so grab one quick."
         - RAD Vinyl

    "This is funny... [it has a] playfulness that tweaks the mind and geeks-out the soul... I don't know what all the Anne Frank shit is about; apparently this guy's obsessed with her and Jon Benet Ramsey. Whatever - I'm not a stickler for details when the material is this replete with the creative spirit of the Indie Mother. I'm pretty sure this 7-inch will become sought after, eventually (if it isn't already)."
         - The Gumshoe Grove

    "Spare bubblegum drone psyche that's just warped enough that if you left this record on your car seat in the sun for an hour and then played it, it would probably sound normal."
         - Roctober

    "Very groovy. Definitely up my strasse!"
         - Douglas P. (Death In June)