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Various Artists The Unscratchable Itch: A Tribute To Little Fyodor
The Unscratchable Itch: A Tribute To Little Fyodor
Public Eyesore



Little Fyodor has been spreading his unique brand of avant-pop madness throughout the world musical underground for over twenty years, creating twisted, satirical songs which - beneath a crass and maniacal outer shell - express a deep empathy with those who most acutely experience the frustrations and alienation of modern life's "insect existence." Fyodor's songwriting, aesthetics and outlandish performances somehow manage to be simultaneously sad, angry and hilarious, and in doing so, appeal to the silent majority of disillusioned weirdos of the world, whom he adeptly addresses with a theatrical, daresay Vaudevillian flair, that is a brand all his own.

This tribute features cover tracks from a wide array of artists in various genres paying homage to Little Fyodor's unique brand of musical eccentricity.

Artist's Website: www.LittleFyodor.com

  1. All My Clothes Are Uncomfortable - Ralph Gean
  2. I Believe In God - Patrick Porter
  3. Get Out Of My Head - The Voodoo Organist
  4. You Give Me Hard-On - Dan Susnara
  5. Small Talk - Gregory Ego
  6. The God Gripe Song - Amy Denio
  7. Happy People - Brian M. Clark
  8. Cruising (Bummer Scene) - Diablo Montalban
  9. The Blackness - Boyd Rice
  10. I Dont Know What To Do - Gort Vs. Gloom
  11. I Wanna Be The Buddha - Evan Cantor
  12. Red Meat/Throbbing Earthworm - Swami Loopynanda
  13. I Want An Ungly Girl - Lasse Jensen
  14. You Give Me Hard-On - The Inactivists
  15. No Relief In Sight - Darren Douglas Danahy
  16. You Will Die - Reverend Leadpipe and the Evil Do'ers
  17. Let It All Ooze Out - Mødding
  18. That Was A Mistake - Us From The SuperFuture
  19. Won't Somebody Fill The Void - Blood Rhythms
  20. Everybodys Fucking - Lasse Jensen
  21. Doomed - Nervesandgel

Produced by Lasse Jensen and Brian M. Clark.
All tracks mastered by Bob Ferbrache at Absinthe Studio.